Freestanding baths


Discover our beautiful and luxurious range of freestanding baths; available as cast iron baths or acrylic baths is chic white or more statement finishes like our Wenlock marble effect acrylic bath, we know you'll find you dream bath here, no matter what the size, style or colour you're looking for.




Freestanding baths by size

Our wide range of stylish freestanding baths are available in sizes ranging from smaller 'baby' options, like our smallest freestanding bath the Baby Oban, through to large freestanding baths such as our Buckingham Grand or the simply divine Devon.

Freestanding Bath size (width in mm)

Bath Material Below 1500 1500 - 1600 1600 - 1700 Above 1700
Baby Oban Acrylic 1495      
Baby Buckingham Cast Iron   1540    
Kent Cast Iron   1540    
Buckingham Cast Iron   1540    
Grantham Acrylic   1540    
Polperro Acrylic   1590    
Perth Acrylic     1650  
Tilbury Acrylic     1665  
Penrose Acrylic     1695  
Porto Santo Cast Iron     1700  
Essex Cast Iron     1700  
Madeira Cast Iron     1700  
Hampshire Cast Iron     1700  
Penhallam Acrylic     1700  
Orford Acrylic     1700  
Holywell Acrylic     1700  
Hylton Acrylic       1710
Lyddington Acrylic       1730
Alderley Acrylic       1730
Osterley Acrylic       1730
Wenlock Acrylic       1730
Derrymore Acrylic       1745
Merrivale Acrylic       1760
Oban Acrylic       1760
Buckingham Grand Cast Iron       1780
Devon Cast Iron       1800


Freestanding baths by style

Whether it's a traditional cast iron style, a gorgeous roll top or an elegant slipper, freestanding baths are effortlessly stylish.

You can choose from double ended baths that are also known as 'two people baths' because you can use both ends if you're inclined to share, or opt for a single ended bath, which can be great if you want to place them with the back to the wall. And there are even styles you might not have thought of such as the Tilbury corner fitting freestanding acrylic bath that gives you all the style of a freestanding bath but with the practicality of fitting again a wall in the corner for smaller spaces.




Freestanding baths by colour

Our range of freestanding baths features fabulous finishes including the Osterly black freestanding bath, the elegant Wenlock with a marble effect finish and a number of metallic effect acrylic baths - sink into a tub covered in glowing copper, glamourous gold or sumptuous steel.

 Or, for a truly unique option, paint one of our timeless cast iron freestanding baths any colour you like!