Our guide to painting a cast iron bath



Whether you’ve just invested in a brand-new bath or want to transform a reclaimed piece from your current bathroom, our handy guide to painting a cast iron freestanding bath is here to help you get the perfect result every time.


Buckingham Cast Iron Bath in the process of being painted blue

Buckingham Cast Iron Bath


Painting an older cast iron bath:

As with many home décor projects, the result you get when painting an older cast iron bath can largely depend on the preparation work done upfront.

Before you start, make sure you have these essential items for the job:


- Rubber gloves- a proprietary rust remover
- Cleaning cloths and disposable rags
- White spirit
- A selection of sandpaper in rough to fine grades
- Paint brushes
- Metal primer
- Undercoat
- Your topcoat paint


1. On an older freestanding bath that has seen some use, it’s essential that you remove any rust before painting. You can purchase a proprietary rust remover for this first task, but make sure you remove all traces of rust and follow the instructions carefully.


2. You’ll then need to prepare the bath for painting by sanding it down with emery paper to create a smooth surface.


3. Next, you’ll need to thoroughly clean and degrease the surface with white spirit. Make sure you allow this to dry before you begin painting.


4. Now it’s time to prime the bath. We recommend an oil-based metal primer, but there are alternative quick drying primers available if you’re short on time.


5. Once the primer is completely dry, you can apply the undercoat (again, we would recommend an oil based one). If you’re looking for a super smooth finish, you might also consider using a very soft brush for this task to minimise streaks.


6. When the undercoat is dry, you might want to give it a very light sanding with some fine sandpaper – again this will give you a smooth finish but is an optional step. You can then apply the topcoat.


Granley with Freestanding Essex Bath

Essex Cast Iron Freestanding Bath


Painting a new cast iron bath:


As the UK’s market leader for cast iron baths, we ensure ours have a smooth and ripple-free surface by applying an enamel powder coat twice, to give one of the best quality finishes available.


What’s more, all our cast iron freestanding baths come with a Lifetime Guarantee for your complete peace of mind.


If you choose to invest in a cast iron bath from Heritage Bathrooms, we’ll take care of some of the hard work for you. In fact, you can skip right to step six as your new cast iron bath will arrive pre-primed and ready to paint so you can apply your chosen colour straight away!


Whatever shade you chose, we recommend an acrylic, polyurethane or epoxy-based paint for added durability.


There are some fabulous colours out there so don’t be afraid to be bold with your choice as (if you change your mind) the beauty of a cast iron bath is that you can just repaint it in another shade.


A large cast-iron bath painted in a bright shade makes for a stunning statement centrepiece, while a small cast iron bath painted in stylish grey or black is perfect for those who prefer a more minimalist look.


Alternatively, why not get creative and apply an ombre effect, some stylish stencilling or (for the more artistic) a hand drawn design to your cast iron roll top bath.


Devon Cast Iron Bath

Devon Cast Iron Pink Freestanding Bath



To explore our full range of paintable cast iron freestanding baths, download our brochure here.