Which tap should I choose?

Taps can be the last thing that people think of when planning a new bathroom, but they make a real difference to the overall look and feel of your beautiful new space. To help you make the choice that’s perfect for you, we’ve prepared this guide to choosing bathroom taps, so you can finish off your stunning new bathroom to perfection.

At Heritage, we have eight stylish ranges to choose from, all designed in the UK to coordinate beautifully with our suites. Available for both basins and baths, we have options for bidets, too. Our beautiful Heritage taps are designed specifically for the UK and can operate effectively even at low pressure, making them suitable for all water systems. Made from high quality brass, with stylish and unique designs, our taps also feature a five year guarantee for added reassurance.

Types of bath taps

Taps come in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at our wide range of stylish taps, and you’ll see just how many gorgeous options there are. Although people tend to have one classic in mind whenever they think of bathroom taps, there are a real variety to choose from. We’ve pulled together a quick glossary of types of bath taps below.

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are what might be called the most ‘classic’ taps. They feed hot and cold water through separate taps, and are an extremely popular choice for both baths and basins.

Mixer Taps

Mixer Taps – which blend hot and cold water together before delivering it through one spout - are enjoying growing popularity.

Bath Shower Mixers

Bath Shower Mixer Taps provide a flexible option for the bath, blending bath taps and shower function. These are available deck mounted (fitted onto the bath itself) or freestanding, which gives a sophisticated, modern touch.

Wall Mounted Basin or Bath Shower Mixer

For an even more contemporary look, you could choose to install a Wall Mounted Basin or Bath Mixer. These are perfect for where there are no tap holes installed - on a counter top basin, for instance.

Somersby Basin Taps

Our stylish Somersby basin taps.


Granley Basin

The iconic Granley basin and beautiful Hartlebury basin taps.

Creating a gorgeous look

Taking all the elements of your new bathroom into account is essential when it comes to creating a perfectly curated look – so we never underestimate the importance of choosing bathroom taps that complement the whole design. Though taps may be a small part of your space, they affect the overall look of your bathroom in a big way.

Heritage taps have been designed to coordinate with Heritage shower ranges, enabling you to create a seamless look across your bathroom. It’s easy to complement any trend with a range of finishes and styles.

Play into the ‘Plunge Pool’ trend by blending calming blues and aquamarines with Mediterranean tiling and contemporary-style taps with a chrome finish – like our stunning Gracechurch tap range, which contrasts crisp lines and angles with smoothly curved spouts. Taps finished in stunning rose gold are another gorgeous option that works wonderfully with the vintage feel of the ‘Serenity’ trend, which combines dusky pinks and creams with statement baths and a chic vintage effect.

Heritage Top Tap Tips

Apart from simple aesthetics, there are some practical considerations that are always important when it comes to choosing the bathroom taps that are right for your bathroom. Find some of our top practical tips below.

Tap Holes

Tap holes are key to take into account when it comes to choosing bathroom taps. The number of tap holes on your basin or bath determines what type of taps you’ll need to buy. If you choose a basin with two tap holes, for instance, you can choose from any of our two hole basin taps.

Freestanding Baths

Heritage freestanding baths are available with either 2 tap holes pre-drilled, or without tap holes. For tap holes that have been pre-drilled, you can choose from Bath Pillar Taps, a Bath Filler or a Bath Shower Mixer. Your plumber will need to ensure that the water pipes are fed into the taps from the floor, and you might want to hide these with a shroud.

For baths with no tap holes, some brilliant options are Bath Pillar Taps, a Bath Filler, or a Bath Shower Mixer, teamed with standpipes. Alternatively, you could choose a freestanding tap or mixer, which lends a beautiful unique touch to your bathroom design – take a look at our Hemsby and Somersby ranges for inspiration.