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Need some help? Check our FAQs for answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find find what you're looking for, you can speak to one of our customer experience creators by live chat or phone 03300 268503.

Have Heritage Bathrooms guarantees changed?

From 1st April 2021, guarantees beautiful bathroom tap ranges will change from 5 to 10 years.

The new guarantee applies to bathroom taps purchased after this date. And we’re so confident that you can count on the quality of our taps for year to come, we include the cartridge as part of the guarantee as well.

Find out more here.

What is the Heritage guarantee policy?

A new bathroom is a major investment into your home and we want you to feel secure in your purchase of our products. See the Heritage Bathrooms Guarantee Section for full details

Where can I buy Heritage products?

Heritage products are only supplied through our network of authorised dealers who are, in the main, independent retail specialists who have Heritage products on display. Click here to 'find a showroom'

Can I buy on-line or direct from Heritage?

Heritage is not able to supply products direct to the end-consumer or via this website. Our products are solely sold through our network of retailers who will offer you service and advice to design your bathroom.

What about spare parts?

If you need to order spare parts please can contact us using the details below or via our web chat facility, quoting both the product name and the age of the product. This will help us identify the right part that you need.

03300 268503

Where can I find out prices for Heritage products?

We advertise our recommended retail process for our products on our website, and our brochure is available in both Sterling and Euro. You can download a brochure off our website or request a paper copy to be sent in the post to you. Click here to request a brochure 


Do you have an Installation Service?

This service is not available from Heritage Bathrooms. Your retailer will be able to recommend a local fitter.

What is the min/max height adjustment for fitted acrylic baths?

The minimum and maximum height for Heritage acrylic baths is determined by the bath panels. You can fix your panel and plinth between 460mm and 575mm. Some of our baths also come with a fixed panel height of 520mm. 


How strong is my acrylic bath?

All Heritage acrylic baths are produced from sanitary-grade cast acrylic. They are stain and scuff resistant and colourfast. Our baths are reinforced with a wooden baseboard, encapsulated under a thick layer of glass fibre for added strength, plus a timber rim that supports the wedge of the bath. All our fitted baths are available with Solid Skin; an extra membrane of specially formulated reinforcement that provides complete rigidity to the bath.



Can I fit handles to my bath?

Please note that Heritage do not supply baths with bath grips.

How do I fix my bath panels?

You will need to construct a simple wooden framework with upright struts under the outside edge and at each corner of your bath. Use magnetic catches on the back of the panel and on the framework as this will create an invisible fixing method which can still give you easy access to the plumbing should a problem occur. Bath panels should be fitted flush to the rim of the bath to prevent water ingress.

If you need further technical assistance, please call us on 0330 026 8503.

Why do my taps make a banging noise when they're turned on?

'Water Hammer' is the result of high water pressure causing vibration on the pipe. It can be reduced by the installation of a pressure reducing valve. Be sure to check that your pipes aren't loose as this may also be a cause. Speak to your plumber for further advice.

What is the minimum water pressure I need to get a good flow rate from my taps?

This depends on the tap range you choose, but is typically a minimum of 0.1 bar (1 metre head) for a screw-down (rubber washer) tap valve and 0.3 bar (3 metre head) for ceramic disc valves. It's best to seek professional advice before making your purchase.

How do I stop my taps from dripping?

Standard tap valves can start to leak for various reasons, usually due to wear and tear. If the taps have ceramic discs, then the entire valve will need replacing.
One of the typical characteristics of manufacturing 'traditional' cast taps is that the inside of the spout will be rough, rather than finished. This means that when you turn off the tap, a small reservoir of water is left inside the spout which will slowly 'find its way' through the contours of the cast before dropping into the basin. This is perfectly normal.

 If you have any questions, you can speak to one our customer experience creators on 0330 026 8503 or contact us on our live chat.

What should I use to clean my taps?

All brassware should be cleaned with warm soapy water and buffed up to shine with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using any abrasive or acidic cleaners as this may damage the product. Regular cleaning after use will keep your taps looking good.

How do I fit the feet to my cast iron bath?

Here are some step by step instructions to fitting your feet to your bath:

1. Turn the bath upside down (you'll need some help to do this, the bath is extremely heavy!) and attach the feet. Some models have different feet configurations for each lug. If this is the case you will find identifying letters on the inside part of each foot, which should be attached to the lug with corresponding letter, by matching up the letter on the feet to the corresponding lug on the bath.

2. Slot the angled bolts in the lugs, then gently place the feet throughout the bolts until it contacts the bathtub

3. Adjust the feet to its best concordance, using the slots on both bathtub lugs and feet, (please note that as long as the feet maintained grasped in the bathtub, it’s not
imperative that the feet lug touches the bathtub lug)

4. With one hand maintaining the feet in its correct location, insert the washer and the locknut through the fastening bolt, then hand-tight for as long as possible

5. The whole assemblage must be tightened with the help of a wrench. A slight bending of the angled bolt is perfectly natural as the bolt adjusts itself to the slope of the bathtub feet

6. Carefully upright the bathtub to its normal position

7. Place a level on top of the bathtub rim & check if the bathtub is levelled across its top, all of the feet have levelling bolts on their lower extremity: you can use them to achieve the best outcome.




How do I paint my cast iron bath?

The exterior of your cast iron bath has been primed, ready to paint. The primer is not intented to be the final finish.  It is recommended to use Acrylic,  Polyurethane or Epoxy based paint. Simply wipe the surface clean and then use either an oil-based primer followed by the emulsion colour of your choice, or an oil-based paint on its own. Provided that the first coat is oil-based, your bath should not show signs of aging (rusty colouration) through the paint and will have a durable surface to which paint can safely adhere. You should do the same for any unpainted cast iron feet.  Bath feet are also primed (note the colour of primer is darker than the primer on the bath).Please note that Heritage does not provide a bath painting service.

My cast iron bath has ripples and black specs on the surface - is this normal?

Yes. There are several inherent characteristics to the traditional production process of manufacturing cast iron baths and these include ripples, dimples and tiny black specs in the enamel surface. These features are quite normal and will not affect the life of the bath - they are just part of what makes a cast iron bath a cast iron bath.To maintain the condition of your Heritage bath, regularly clean the inside surfaces with a non abrasive, non acidic or alkaline cleaning agent. To prevent any lime scale build up, rinse thoroughly with water & wipe the surface dry after each use

How do I fix my cabinet to the wall?

Firstly you need to obtain the correct fixings for the type of wall. Heritage does not supply fixings with any furniture unit. We suggest that you drill any holes in line with the shelf studs so that when the shelves are in place, all your fixings are hidden from view.

Why does my cabinet door not fit properly?

All of the hinges on Heritage cabinets are fully adjustable to allow for any minor discrepancies. You should be able to easily adjust them yourself so that it sits correctly following installation.

What handles can I use on my Heritage furniture?

Heritage have a range of door handles suitable for your door, please make sure you specify the type and finish you require at the time of ordering. The doors do not come pre-drilled so you will need to allow for this when installing the furniture. Some of our single door cabinets are supplied with the door loose so that you can easily decide which way you want it to open.


How do I clean my Heritage furniture?

In order to keep your furniture looking good we suggest that you clean up any water splashes as soon as they occur.

What is my furniture unit made from?

All our furniture is designed in Britain and manufactured using timber from sustainably managed forests. All of our freestanding furniture including the legs and doors are made with sustainably sourced solid oak along with melamine side and back panels for style and durability. Our fitted furniture has a wrapped finish which is water resistant and easy to maintain. 

Which worktop should I choose?

Our black wrapped, white wrapped and oak worktops are bespoke, and are made using a non-standard manufacturing process to give a unique finishing touch to your bathroom.

We offer these in three lengths: 2m, 1.4m, 0.65m, and, if cut correctly, they will suit a number of furniture configurations. When cutting is required to accommodate the recessed sink for a vanity unit, the exposed ends will fit under the sink, and so are hidden from view.

Unfortunately, as these worktops are bespoke products we are unable to supply finishing strips for them. In the event that you have a configuration that requires the worktops to be cut in several places then we would recommend our solid worktops, available in a white or black finish, instead.

Water and wood don't mix, do they?

Water can penetrate and subsequently damage any wooden surface so we strongly recommend that any water splashes are quickly wiped away with a soft cloth.

How strong is my WC seat?

Oak and painted finishes are real wood. White Ash and White Gloss MDF. Hinges are tested to stringent endurance tests.


Are Heritage Heated Towel Rails Suitable for any kind of Heating System?

Heritage Heated Towel Rails can be installed into most domestic heating systems but when doing so you should provide for suitable isolation in case a problem develops. If you are installing your Heated Rail onto an open circuit where new water is added to the circulation, you are advised to refer to your local Water Authority to ensure that dezincification (where the mineral content of the water attacks the inside of the rail) is not a common occurrence. Please note that our stainless steel Heated Towel Rails are not suitable for open heating systems.

What valves do I need with Heritage heated towel rails?

All Heated Towel Rails in the 'traditional' range from Heritage are supplied with Ornate Heated Towel Rail valves free-of-charge, although they are also available to buy separately should you want to do so. Please note that the rails are not available to buy without the valves at a reduced price. 


What does BTU Mean?

BTU stands for British Thermal Units and is measured per hour, hence BTU/hr. In easy terms, the higher the number, the more heat the rail will produce. If you have a large bathroom and you want to heat the room as well as your towels, then you should go for a rail with a high BTU/hr rating.

Why does my new WC pan not flush as well as my old pan?

If you feel that your new pan doesn't seem to flush as well as the one you had before, it may be down a reduced water volume. Recent changes in UK Water Regulations has seen the maximum volume of water allowed in the cistern decrease over the last few years from 9 litres before 1997 to 7.5 litres, then down to 6 litres in 2001. With less water to flush, you may find that waste and paper doesn't disappear quite as fast as it did. Rest assured however that all Heritage WCs have been redesigned in line with these changes to make sure that they effectively flush away waste and paper.

What is the minimum drop required for my soil pipe?

To ensure a satisfactory and effective flush your soil pipe should drop 2cm for every metre length.

There's a small gap between my basin and the vanity unit - is this normal?

The situation where vitreous china casuses a small gap when it meets wood is a common one, and one which your plumber/fitter will be aware of. It is impossible with such a non-machine produced item to achieve the straight edges that can be achieved in wood, and so you will need to use sealant to bring the two surfaces together and ensure a stable fit.

Where is the inlet valve situated on my cistern?

All inlet valves are situated on the bottom right hand side of our cisterns except for on the high level cisterns. - Blenheim, Wynwood (and the new Claverton) are situated on the bottom Left Hand side.

Can I cut down the flush pipe on my high/low level WC & Cistern?

Cutting the flush pipe will affect the flush performance and will not be covered under the manufacturing warranty.

Does my cistern have an internal overflow?

Yes and the way it works is as the water level rises so will the level of water in the syphon or valve, until it reaches the spillover point. At this point the water within the syphon or valve will cascade down the tube and into the pan preventing the cistern from overflowing.

Do you supply shower trays too?

No, we don't supply shower trays. We advise that you speak to your showroom dealer or installer about where to source a tray suitable for your needs.

Does the glass conform to safety standards?

Yes - the glass used for Heritage screens and panels is a 6mm safety glass and conforms to BS6206.

Can I repair a small chip in my shower tray?

Is it possible to repair small chips,repair kits can be found in high street stores or a specialist stockist.

Are Heritage shower valves suitable for use with combination boilers?

Yes - Heritage shower valves are compatible with most water and heating systems. We recommend that you discuss your own system with a reputable plumber to ascertain whether you require any additional work to be done, such as fitting flow restrictors or pumps.

What if my cold water fails when I'm in the shower?

Each of the shower valves in the Heritage range incorporate a safety shutdown to prevent scalding if the cold water fails.

Can I mix products from different sanitary ware ranges?

Due to manufacturing processes slight colour variation is possible in ceramic items.