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Adjustable Riser

An attachment to the shower pole which allows the shower head to be adjusted up and down to allow for different heights.

Back to Wall

Back to wall describes a bathroom fixture that is fitted rigidly to the surface of a supportive wall.

Basin Mixer

A basin tap that will mix hot and cold water and deliver it through a single spout.

Bath Filler

Like a basin mixer, a bath filler will mix hot and cold water and deliver through a single spout.

Bath Shower

Bath Tap fixture which incorporates a shower attachment.

Bath Shroud

Used on freestanding baths to cover the pipe work to the bath taps.

Body Jets

A shower fixture that emits jets of water.


The ceramic or plastic vessel that stores the water necessary for flushing a toilet.

Clicker Waste

A fitted alternative to a plug that you touch and click to drain the water.


Close-Coupled is used to describe a style of toilet where the cistern attaches directly to the pan.

Concealed Cistern

A cistern that is hidden from view behind a false wall.


A Dual-Flush loo has two flushing strengths – low and high.

Electric shower

Uses cold supply only and heats the water through an element within the shower itself so no need for a hot water supply.

Fixed Head Shower

Head that is fixed to the wall with concealed pipework.


A detachable shower head that can be directed to the body by hand.

Mixer Shower

Shower that mixes hot and cold water supplies together to achieve the required temperature.


Also known as the toilet bowl.

Pop-up Waste

An alternative to the traditional plugs, a pop-up waste comprises of a stopper connected by levers to a control knob on the tap. When the knob is pushed down the stopper is lifted to allow water to drain away. When the knob is pulled up the stopper seals the plug hole.

Power Shower

A shower that uses a pump to boost the flow of water to the showerhead.

Recessed Shower

Recessed Shower Valve Shower control hidden within finished wall with only the operating handles and a back plate visible.

Rigid Riser

Showerhead fixed to wall with exposed pipework from the shower head to the control valve.

Riser Rail

A vertical rail to allow height adjustment of a showerhead.

Semi Pedestal

Ceramic attachment fixed directly to a wall to accommodate a basin – does not go all the way to the floor like a full pedestal.

Semi Recessed Basin

A ceramic basin that hangs over the edge of the vanity unit or wash stand that it sits on.

Sequential Shower

Single control thermostatic mixer shower – controls on/off and temperature in one dial but has no control over flow.

Shower Diverter

Shower control that will ‘divert’ the water flow to additional handsets, body jets or (like you see in many hotels) to a bath filler.

Shower Hose

A flexible pipe that connects between the showerhead and the shower control.

Shower Valve

The part of the shower that controls water flow and temperature.

Stop Cock

A hand operated valve that turns the water flow off and on.

Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Shower that uses a temperature-sensitive cartridge to maintain a safe temperature. Will shut off if there’s a supply failure of either cold or hot water. Wall Hung Bathroom fixtures that can be hung off the floor and directly onto a wall.


Unsure of some of the terminology used in bathroom design? Take a look at our Glossary which has been put together to help you understand everything you need to know when creating a new bathroom.