After a long day, there is no better place to unwind and relax than in a warm tub to soak the day away. Your bathroom should be a place for you to escape and find peace. That is why the team here at Heritage Bathrooms, have been thinking about how you can purchase your dream bathroom and ensure you create your very own solace in a relaxing bathroom. Read on for relaxing bathroom ideas. 

Choose a beautiful base

Before you begin, take the time to look at each section of your bathroom with a fresh pair of eyes. Consider which parts still work for you, what could use some extra love and which areas need a revamp. This will help to build a vision of your new and improved future bathroom.

A good starting point is to look at the different suites that we have available and use this as a guide to the different products you’ll be using in your new space. The selection of suites available from Heritage Bathrooms offer a broad range of different styles that fit with a variety of interiors trends.

If you’re looking to create a classically traditional space, the Victoria and Dorchester suites could be the ideal match, with basins and WCs inspired by period design. For a modern twist on elegant Art Deco styling explore the Granley Deco suite.



Choose neutrals or pastels

Pastels and neutrals instantly create a calming environment. There's a reason many spas choose these types of colour schemes. They’re also very easy to incorporate into your own relaxing bathroom. Think crisp white, light greys, or soft beiges.  If you’re a fan of colour, you can add splashes through accessories.

Use natural materials

Bring that earthy feeling to your new relaxing bathroom to create a calm, spa-like atmosphere. Look at wooden panelling and wooden flooring for a seamless look. Other natural materials include stone and marble, for something more luxurious.

Plan your storage

Planning storage solutions that suit your needs and really use the space you have should be at the top of your list when considering a bathroom overhaul.

Consider how much storage you and your family will need to keep your new bathroom sleek, tidy and uncluttered and explore the many different furniture options that are available. After all, a tidy bathroom is the epitome of a relaxing bathroom.  

Fitted furniture from Heritage offers extensive and bespoke storage solutions which can be tailor picked to suit your room shape and size. Alternatively, if you’re working with a smaller room, wall-hung sink and vanity options are perfect for freeing up floor space to give the illusion of additional space.

Update your shower

A new shower is really simple way of injecting some spa-like indulgence into your everyday routine. Rainfall shower heads are an ideal option for adding a touch of relaxation without compromising on space.

For a drenching soak opt for deluxe Hemsby or Gracechurch showers, which each boast an extra-large eight-inch shower rose for a drenching soak. First, be sure to check if your water pressure is strong enough to support the type of shower that you’d like with before you make any decisions.

Treating your bathroom to a new shower is also a great way of incorporating new interiors trends into your space. For traditional, vintage styling explore exposed showers in a vintage gold finish or go for a sleek concealed shower to achieve a more contemporary and minimalist look.

Once you’ve chosen your new shower you can find matching taps to create a fully coordinated finish – the two can be paired together for less than you might imagine throughout our Autumn Event.

Hemsby shower     Gracechurch shower


Choose your ‘wow’ features

Your new bathroom should be beautiful as well as practical so be sure to choose key products that express your unique style.

If space isn’t an obstacle a freestanding bath makes for a stunning centerpiece which also offers a deeply relaxing escape. Heritage’s range of paintable cast-iron baths offer a customisable twist on traditional styling. Alternatively, a statement acrylic bath such as the Hylton is available in bold metallic shades which are sure to make a stunning focal point.

If you’re working with a more compact space then turn your attention to elegant taps, vibrant accessories or a statement washstand to create a stylish finish.

Wynwood Large Basin and Abingdon Washstand 


Admire and enjoy!

Be sure to sit-back and enjoy the fruits of your labour in your beautiful new relaxing bathroom space. Don’t forget to reinvest some of those savings and add those all-important finishing touches, such as revitalising greenery or plants, a couple of fluffy towels, candles, and relaxing scents to maximise on indulgence!

Now that you’ve read our relaxing bathroom ideas, you may be even more inspired by our spa-like bathroom ideas too. Or, perhaps you need something a little more luxurious? Read our tips on how to make your bathroom look like a hotel. 

Find a participating showroom near you and plan your own relaxing bathroom. For even more inspiration request or download a Heritage Bathrooms brochure and follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.