Collating all of your ideas into one style and design is not easy. You need to figure out what you really love and to do this, I recommend doing your research and getting yourself inspired - finding your inspiration is my top tip for getting started with a fresh design. 

If you’re about to embark on a new project for your home, don’t always just think about magazines. Magazines are great, but have a look at Pinterest too. 

You can create your own moodboard, you can even set them as private if you’re not quite sure where to take it. Then you can just pin all the images that you love and start to build a picture of what could really work for you. Often there will be pins with tips on how to create the look and other DIY ideas which are really helpful to have too, if you want to add more personal touches to a space. 

Brochures are also a fantastic source of inspiration as they not only have the prices and details you need to make a purchase, but they show you how to style a room beautifully with the products. Heritage Bathrooms’ latest brochure has stunning photography (such as the beautiful Lyddington Metallic Effect Bath above!) and shows you how to style a room by channelling lots of different trends.

Saving the pages and products you love will make life much easier when it comes to purchasing later on. 

I also recommend looking at Instagram as a source of inspiration. Put in hashtag words and it will come up with so many different ideas that will really inspire you - often these will be real projects by real people so you know it’s also totally achievable for you. 

My final tip is to take inspiration from everything around you. 

When you’re going to work or it’s the weekend, you might be shopping or staying at a hotel, there’s so much inspiration around us you just need to keep your eyes open and welcome it. Each time I stay in a hotel I like to stay somewhere different so I can take inspiration from its bedrooms and lobbies, look at the lighting, the textures, the curtains, the carpets – just snap away with your phone.

At the end of the day I like to flick through what I’ve been snapping away at to see if it was a moment of madness or if it is something I really like and I need to upload them to my computer. You can then create an inspiration folder with all of your favourite images in which can become your inspiration folder, like a digital scrapbook. 

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