Bath Buying Guide - Buying a Bath

We’ve all dreamed of a gorgeous freestanding bath in the middle of a luxurious bathroom; it’s certainly high on the list of desirable items when it comes to a revamp. But whether you have the space for a freestanding cast iron bath or need to opt for something fitted, there’s something in the Heritage bath range that will help you create your perfect space.


We’ve put together a guide to help you buy a bath and have included the types of bathtubs here at Heritage you might want to consider, how to accessorise them, and how to incorporate them into your unique design.

Before you begin

When buying a bath, there are a few things you should consider beforehand. Some research needs to be done before you can buy the most suitable bath for your bathroom.

Where is your new bath going?

First things first, is your new bath simply a direct replacement or are you shifting your bathroom fittings around? If so, this can change the size of the bath you can now buy. If you’re just replacing your bath, you can choose a bath that is either the same size or a bit smaller. 

Consider size and shape

If you're simply just replacing your old bath, you'll need to measure your old bath and the space it is currently in. This will give you the measurements for your new bath. If you're having a complete bathroom refit, you need to consider how big you want your new bath to be, if it will be in the same place or a new place and the other fixtures and fittings around it. 

When buying a bath, the shape and size are very important considerations. Therefore, it is important to get the measurements just right. It's important to measure the width and length of the space available. Measuring the width and length of your current bath can also give you an idea of the size of your new bath too. It’s also a good idea to measure your bathroom door, so your new bath can fit through to be fitted. 


The next thing to consider when buying a bath if your budget. Here at Heritage, we have a range of baths to suit all budgets. 

If you’re looking for a luxurious bath, check out our statement freestanding baths. Or, for something more budget-friendly, take a look at our Dorchester fitted bath range.


And finally, the last thing to consider when buying a bath is its use. If your new bath is for the family bathroom and will get use every day, you will need something more practical and durable. However, for those looking to add a bit of glamour, we have a range of stunning looking baths, such as our metallic effect freestanding baths 


Types of baths at Heritage 

Freestanding cast iron baths

Buckingham Cast Iron Bath


Heritage is the UK’s market leader for cast iron baths. Cast iron baths are made a traditional way which includes a degree of surface ripple, dimples and miniscule black spots in the interior, all of which help give your bath its unique look. A freestanding cast iron bath is going to be a real centrepiece; think gorgeous tubs with cast iron or chrome feet, finished in a shade that really brings your bathroom to life.


Roll top baths, as the name suggests, ‘curl over’ at the edge; the taps usually sit in the middle of one side of the bath. Slipper baths also have roll tops, but with one (or two) raised ends – perfect for a really traditionally-inspired bathroom, and ideal paired with a high level cistern toilet as part of your suite.


All our freestanding cast iron baths include your choice of cast iron or chrome feet. Cast iron feet can be painted any colour, allowing you to inject even more personality. Just make sure your choice of feet is suitable for your bath; if you’re not sure, ask us before placing an order. And remember, each Heritage cast iron bath comes with a 25 year guarantee, so you have complete peace of mind.


How to paint a cast iron bath

If you’re not sure which bath will best suit your design, remember that they can all be customised with colour. our cast iron baths are hand finished and primed so you can paint your bath whatever shade you like as soon as it arrives. It also means you can update the colour or design on your bath whenever you like. We strongly advise using an acrylic, polyurethane or epoxy-based paint for longevity, but any kind of paint can be used.  there are some great paints and amazing colours out there; try creating a mood board from interiors mags, visit your local showroom.



Granley with Freestanding Buckingham Bath

The Essex cast iron bath shown with the Granley suite.

Freestanding acrylic bath guide

If cast iron isn’t for you, freestanding acrylic baths are also an option. They feature glass-reinforced plastic, and are highly polished for a clean, glossy look. This makes our baths exceptionally rigid and superbly stain and scuff resistant to give you a long-lasting, beautiful bath you can enjoy for years to come. And, like our cast iron baths, all our freestanding acrylic baths feature our 25 Year guarantee.

For something really special, choose a metallic effect acrylic bath. Hylton and Holywell  baths feature a choice of three lustrous finishes. Take advantage of the trend for warm copper, complement your bathroom with cool, shimmering steel as part of the industrial trend, or bring warmth and luxury to your bathroom with gorgeous gold. As with all our baths, these types of bathtub come with a 25 Year guarantee.

Fitted acrylic bath guide

If you don’t have a large bathroom, or freestanding tubs just aren’t for you, a high quality fitted acrylic bath may be the perfect option. Fitted baths are ideal for a number of reasons, including that you can easily install a shower over one. All you need is a shower screen such as the Sherbourne.


All our fitted baths include adjustable feet, so you can ensure yours is installed perfectly. Finish with a bath panel that complements your new look; we love the subtly sensuous tone of Dove Grey and the classic colour of Oak. Choose taps in either a stunning chrome or warm gold finish to complete the look and make your bath stand out.

Fitted cast iron bath guide

Fitted cast iron baths are similar to standard acrylic fitted baths; the simple difference is that they are even more hardwearing, making them ideal for hotels and B&Bs. Like all our baths, Sutherland and Grampian cast iron fitted baths come with a 25-year guarantee.

Solid Skin technology

Every Heritage fitted bath comes with Solid Skin technology as standard.  This not only provides added rigidity and strength, but the additional three layers of acrylic also provide extra insulation for superior heat retention.

You might also need...

When buying a bath, there are a few final considerations. 

Showers and screens

Shower baths are practical and save space.  If you’re also in need of a new shower to match your new bath, explore our wide range. Choose from a range of shower heads and single or dual controls, then pick between exposed or concealed options to suit your individual tastes. These designer showers also need a stylish new shower screen.

Choosing taps to match your bath 

Taps for freestanding baths

Our freestanding baths are available with either two tap holes pre-drilled, or no tap holes. For baths that have already been pre-drilled, you can choose from bath pillar taps, a bath filler or a bath shower mixer.  Your plumber will need to ensure that the water pipes are fed into the taps from the floor, and you might want to hide these with a shroud, available in either a chrome or vintage gold finish.


For baths with no tap holes, you could still use bath pillar taps, a bath filler, or a bath shower mixer, teamed with standpipes. 


Bath Taps

Taps for fitted baths

Some Heritage baths come with pre-drilled tap holes, and others will need holes drilled once installed; simply check the individual bath for more information. Whether you choose to install two taps or you fancy a mixer tap, there’s something in the range to suit your style. Go modern with gently curved lines, traditional with Victorian-style spouts, or anywhere between.

Wastes and plugs

Wastes will need to be purchased separately for all baths; some freestanding acrylic baths come pre-fitted with wastes and overflows. Most of our taps come with a waste, but it’s worth checking when you buy to ensure you have the right waste for your bath.  If you are buying a cast iron bath, then you’ll need to purchase an exposed waste. Exposed wastes aren’t purely functional; they can really add something to the look of your bathroom, complementing a traditional look in vintage gold or a modern vibe in shining chrome.


Now you know all there is to buy a bath, check out our toilet buying guide.


To find out more about our stunning range of baths, request our brochure or find your nearest Heritage Bathrooms stockist today.


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