Whether you’re planning a full bathroom revamp or a quick refresh, it’s good to get some inspiration from the latest trends in interior design before you begin the planning process. Our 2020 brochure is a perfect place to start. To help inspire you, we have taken a look at three of the top looks from our recent brochure.


Double the style and practicality

Twinned bathroom products are a major trend in the interior design world. Whether it’s Jack and Jill-style vanity units, twin luxury showers or even freestanding baths, doubling up products in your bathroom is a guaranteed way of creating a lavish, hotel inspired look like in the bathroom shown above.

Where space allows, incorporate the twin trend by pairing two matching Caversham vanity units or Abingdon washstands for a striking blend of style and functionality. Increasingly in demand, this trend aids busy morning routines by providing two personal sink areas and additional space for toiletries.

Adding matching mirrors and dramatic lighting will help you to achieve a truly opulent finish.


Caversham Wall HUng Vanity UnitPalm Springs inspired shades and shapes

Colour is key when it comes to a Palm Springs look. Think millennial pinks, chalky tangerines, sunshine yellows and spearmint greens. Patterns and shapes are also key to creating a bathroom look that embodies this trend.

Add 70s inspired curves to your space by selecting on-trend scallop shaped tiles for your walls or basin splash back.

Consider using patterned wallpaper or bold geometric tiling. Tropical, deco palm or jungle prints are ideal for creating the Palm Springs look. Flashes of green in foliage inspired prints or water-loving house plants will truly bring the trend to life.


Use wall panelling for a contemporary twist on traditional styling

Wall panelling is having a major renaissance in period bathroom design. An effective way of instantly bringing character to a space, wall panelling can quickly update a simple room to give it a modern country feel.

Alderley Bath with Caversham Ivory Lace Wall Hung Vanity UnitsThis re-emerging trend also has practical benefits, which include hiding uneven walls, protecting walls from wear and tear, and providing additional insulation.

To achieve a stylish blend of modern and traditional styling, consider using a more traditional style of wood panelling throughout your room and paint in a more contemporary pastel or vibrant shade.

You can also use wall panelling to frame a key feature in your bathroom, such as your roll top freestanding bath, by selecting contrasting colours for the panelling and the exposed sections of wall.




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