The Abingdon washstand has been designed to sit beautifully within in a range of different Heritage bathroom styles. Give your new bathroom design an edge with a traditional sink that suits its surroundings, but also stands out. Read on to find out more about integrating the Abingdon Washstand into your bathroom with a little bit of creativity, and an eye on the bathroom trends for 2016. 

The Warmth of Wooden Interiors
The past year has seen wood re-entering bathroom design in a big way. New innovations in timber manufacturing have meant that this previously ‘bathroom-taboo’ material is being used in new and exciting ways. Whether it’s engineered oak floorboards, wooden wall coverings, or yacht-inspired duckboard flooring, bringing wood into your bathroom will give warm and natural ambience. At Heritage Bathrooms we have a vast range of wooden freestanding and fitted furniture to compliment your bathroom design beautifully!

Pairing your wooden furniture with the Abingdon washstand for Wynwood can bring a very unique style to your new bathroom design. With the Wynwood design reflecting the architectural styling of Miami’s art district, this art deco piece will sit beautifully on whitewashed flooring or wall covering. 

Creative tiling

Geometric and patterned tiles have been in vogue for years, but 2016 is seeing the trend turn to more basic, plain tiles jazzed up with a creative flair. Laying neutral tiles in a more unusual pattern will give your new bathroom design a unique feel, without sacrificing a cool and calm colour tone.

The Abingdon bathroom washstand will show your tiling off to its best advantage. With an innovative layout, don’t you want your walls to be seen from ceiling to floor? The sparse design of the Abingdon, with its open underside and sleek legs, will frame your walls perfectly. Pair with the Abingdon washstand for Blenheim collection for a classic and timeless effect, with its sweeping style and beautifully symmetrical lines a perfect complement to an innovative tile design layout. 

Putting functionality first
A beautiful bathroom is always desirable, but in a contemporary home functionality has to come first, which makes practicality itself a major trend for 2016. Heralding a return to modernism, with focus on spatial planning and a clean layout, the Abingdon bathroom washstand offers a classic complement to any new bathroom design that puts functionality at the forefront. 

The design of the Abingdon washstand not only offers a streamlined shape that takes up minimal floor space, but it remains infinitely practical for its ease of cleaning. With no awkward corners or clunky storage spaces, the Abingdon can be wiped, mopped and hovered all the way around. For a clean bathroom, clear of clutter, with a feel of the modern—the Abingdon washstand is surely way the way to go. 

Floral for summer

Take inspiration from the Chelsea Flower Show by introducing a floral theme into your new bathroom design. Step into summer with a signature wallpaper or brightly coloured floral stencils for your bathroom walls. New innovations in wallpaper design means that it’s no longer forbidden, even in this notoriously damp room. The Abingdon washstand remains the perfect fit against a signature wall. The open structure of the washstand shows off your distinctive design to its fullest extent, giving a floor to ceiling view of the best part of your bathroom.  

For a look that pairs surprisingly well with the 60s vibe of the floral theme, choose the Abingdon for Victoria. Taking its inspiration from the Royal Albert Hall, this heritage range features the distinctive ellipses and smart lines of the 1870s design. The Victoria’s classically feminine look paired with a floral theme will result in a truly unique new bathroom design. 

Industrial chic

The edgy, industrial Luxe look is ever-present in 2016, and only seems set to continue in its popularity. Making a feature of previously hidden elements, such as pipes and plumbing, the Abingdon bathroom washstand offers a sought after look in this trend for 2016. 

If bare brick walls and concrete-look tiles appeal to you, pair with the Abingdon washstand for Dorchester to maximise on that industrial chic appeal. Inspired by the atmosphere of 1930s London, this washstand will fit right into a bathroom with an industrial chic style of design with its thin, metal legs giving a bare-bones look of industrialism. Set against an exposed wall with minimal accessorising, there’s no better washstand to represent the industrial chic trend in your new bathroom design.  

Almost always in style in any bathroom, our love for the metallic look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With its long legs and beautiful lines, the Abingdon bathroom washstands offer a fantastic opportunity to let your love for metallics run wild with its choice of two gorgeous tones. Opt for the classic look of the high-shine chrome, or—looking set to be one of this year’s hottest bathroom trends—choose the unique rose gold finish. Accentuate your washstand by bringing in those metallic finishes elsewhere in the room on doorknobs, towel hooks, radiators and accessories. 


Finding the right accessories for your new bathroom design can pull together all the elements of the room. A major accessories trend for bathrooms in 2016 sees open shelving making a display of your everyday items. Whilst some opt for the tidiness of enclosed cupboard, this new storage solution can combine aesthetics with practicality. Complete the look of your new bathroom design with your Abingdon washstand by adding stylish glass shelving and matching towel rails. 

While rose gold is the metallic tone of the season, rose quartz is the colour of 2016. Bring it out by displaying pink towels on your open shelves, and evoke the sense of summer with a carefully selected scented hand wash in a complementary coloured bottle. The most seemingly ordinary of everyday items can be transformed into a stylish display by making use of the open shelving trend.

Add the Abingdon washstand to your new bathroom design for a fresh and unique look that will complement the full range of heritage designs, from art deco to vintage Victorian. Available in Blenheim, Dorchester, Victoria, Wynwood and Claverton: the Abingdon washstand will remain a signature look for any bathroom style.