How to create a country-chic bathroom with Heritage. 

The country-chic look is a trend that is still going strong in 2016. Why not bring that subtle elegance and femininity into your new bathroom design? This look is all about adding the antique touch to your home, but you don’t have to scour the vintage shops to achieve the same effect. Add a touch of personality to your bathroom by adding a hint of the country-chic look; read on to find how the best ways to incorporate the trend into your new Heritage bathroom. 

Find your perfect palette

If you’re looking to create a signature bathroom design, it doesn’t have to be bold colours and patterned wallpapers to do the job; you don’t have to paint the walls pink to create your country-chic bathroom. White is ever popular in bathrooms for very obvious reasons—so find a neutral, off-white tone to create to perfect, elegant vibe for your washroom. If tiling your walls, find something to give that vintage vibe: a tile with a slightly cracked look to the gloss will give a worn-in feel. Use a grey grout underneath your white tiles to avoid a super-contemporary look. 

Wall coverings

The best way to create an elegant country-chic vibe is to add it in the subtle finishes and appliances. If frilly, lace Victorian curtains appeal to you, then perfect! But if you’re still looking to put functionality at the forefront of your new bathroom design, then you should be looking for more contemporary solutions to achieve the country-chic trend. 

White tiles with a darker grout will give a great look without having to sacrifice any practicality in your bathroom design. A neutral paint, too, will never go amiss. Consider mixing the two walling types together to achieve a really standout, country-chic bathroom. Tile the lower part of the walls and finish two-thirds up with a distinctive border tile; finish above with a neutral paint to complement the tiling. For something a little more daring, choose a bathroom wallpaper to finish the top third of your walls. A delicate, floral design will bring a touch of warmth to your country-chic bathroom, while a bolder, 1920s style fan print will add some serious personality to your new bathroom design. 



Metal fixtures and exposed fittings

Choosing the right metallic tones to complement your country-chic bathroom is the best way to set the right atmosphere. Brass tones will always bring a hint of old-school glamour to a bathroom, and 2016’s on-trend ‘rose gold’ is the best choice for your country-chic taps. 

The Abingdon Washstands from Heritage offer a great crossover between style and functionality; the exposed legs will immediately evoke the country-chic look, whilst their basins remain infinitely practical. 

Abington washstand for country chic bathrooms

Finding the right appliances

Choosing the right interior furniture is essential when looking to create a new country-chic bathroom. The Claverton range from Heritage offers the perfect companion pieces for a sophisticated, chic bathroom. The new Claverton suite combines relaxed femininity and elegance, with its curvaceous lines and deep, sweeping basins: it will complete the country-chic vibe of your new bathroom with romantic, but functional, ease. 

An elegant bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a vanity unit. Combine style and design for a compact solution and choose the Claverton Semi Recessed Basin. With the look of the vanity below and curvaceous basin above, it’s the perfect fit. Achieving your distinctively individual country-chic bathroom design is all about finding the right balance of style and practicality.

The Claverton range also offers companion pieces in baths and WCs, to maintain a sense of continuing elegance throughout your new bathroom design. Select the sophisticated, fitted bath for a real statement in your new and elegant bathroom design.  

Get the look

When it comes down to it, the ambiance of a room is all in the finer details. A country-chic bathroom can be styled in so many ways: frilly curtains and ornamental touches for a Victoriana vibe, or shells, candles, and photos for a homespun feel. Express your own interpretation of the country-chic trend by choosing the right accessories for your bathroom. 

Here are just a few suggestions: 

Lighten the space with the soft accents of an oil lamp. A beautiful object in itself, an oil lamp will immediately act as a standout accessory in your bathroom. Add a few drops of essential oils to the lamp to fill your elegant bathroom with tranquil scents.  Oil lamps put out more light than a candle, and are more safe and secure; they give out a beautifully soft glow—what better lighting for your long, relaxing soak? 

For a main source of lighting, don’t opt for the standard, contemporary lights of today. Find a sophisticated and statement chandelier to draw the eye in your country-chic bathroom.  Wooden light fittings are a guaranteed way to evoke the country-chic look in your new bathroom design. 

Magically expand the size of your bathroom by featuring a large mirror on one of your walls; it will bring a sense of glamour to your new country-chic bathroom. Choose a distressed, cornice-style frame for a look of homespun charm. You can even up-cycle a mirror of your choice to get the same look for less, with chalk paint.

Finish off the look in your country-chic bathroom with a few delicate touches. Replace the old bathmat with a duckboard mat, bringing the sense of a warm, wooden interior into your bathroom. Embellish a surface with a vase of flowers, and choose hand towels in colours that complement the rest of the room. Those last subtle touches will make a real difference in your new and elegant bathroom.