In our recent survey, it was revealed that hotel inspired luxury is one of the biggest prompts to propel us into action and start a home project to create that deluxe boudoir feel. Charlotte says: 

“Hotels evoke indulgence as soon as you walk through the door, so to create some real impact consider adding a statement bath and an equally eye-catching wallpaper, metallic finishes on baths are particularly on trend at the moment.” 

If you have the space for a statement bath then consider adding one of our new metallic ones; Holywell, Lyddington, Hylton – they are all available in Copper, Gold or Stainless Steel effect and will add a wow to any space. If not, Charlotte continues: 

“If you have a smaller en-suite space, then you can still create that boutique hotel feel. Consider still adding a bath, but bringing it into the bedroom to open out the entire bathroom space. Other than creating an extravagant feature, it also creates the ultimate feeling of openness you get in hotel rooms. 

“The décor you choose also needs to ooze hotel charm. Colour blocking is very on trend at the moment and looks amazing if you can find the right balance - I love mixing darker colours with pastels to create that perfect brooding sense of romanticism without it feeling overly feminine. 

“As with any interior scheme though, the key is making sure you stay true to your style and taste. Bring some of your personal pieces together displayed on a little tray, whether it be on a piece of marble or something more decorative and shiny, it introduces a touch of personal style and something you would see in a boutique hotel displaying the beautiful lotions and potions. 

“Of course it isn’t just the décor you opt for that will help create a hotel chic design, think carefully about the use of ambient lighting to create atmosphere and to help highlight different zones too. Hotel rooms often use different levels of lighting in a very subtle way to differentiate the sleep zones from the living space, and this can easily be replicated.” 

For more inspiration, Charlotte has created a suite of short top tips videos especially for Heritage Bathrooms. View them here.