Which basin should I choose?

When it’s time for a new bathroom, you’re trying to make your perfect space. Every piece counts – and, as an important centrepiece, choosing the right bathroom sink is essential. Knowing the types of bathroom sink that are available to choose from, and what kind will suit your space and style is paramount when you’re trying to find the perfect basin for your home. There are so many beautiful choices: basins come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose from a range of options when it comes to supporting your sink – including pedestals, vanity units, washstands and much more.

We pulled together some information you might need to know in this useful sink buying guide – including our guide to different types of bathroom sink, what your new basin will need to sit on, and hints and tips about choosing the perfect new basin.

Our guide to types of bathroom sink

Over the past three decades, we’ve built up a wealth of expertise in creating beautiful bathroom suites that aren’t just attractive, but of superb quality. Our basins feature a lifetime guarantee, using the perfect blend of high quality clay and feldspar to ensure our suites are smooth and durable.

Console sinks

Wide and elegant, these basins offer a boutique feel and need to be paired with specially designed legs to support them. With fabulous detailing, our stunning Victoria basins can all be matched with console legs. Our Blenheim console also offers gorgeous sculptured style in any space.

Standard sinks

Standard sinks are perfect for any bathroom, and can be teamed either with pedestals or an elegant vanity unit. Our standard Blenheim basin is exquisite and makes a real style statement.

Semi-recessed sinks

Semi-recessed basins are contained within the worktop and furniture piece with a portion that comes out at the front. These basins are specifically for use with furniture, making them a great way to incorporate more storage – like our beautiful semi-recessed Claverton basin, which nestles snugly within the worktop.

Corner sinks

If you’re choosing a sink for a smaller bathroom, corner sinks are a perfectly practical yet stylish choice. They maximise on space by fitting neatly into the corner of the room, leaving the rest of the bathroom free. Ideal for very small cloakrooms, they can be supported by our ornate brackets for added style. Our stunning Dorchester corner basin has a beautiful scalloped edge, making sure you don’t compromise on style even if you need to save space.

Cloakroom sinks

Cloakroom sinks are quite simply made for cloakrooms and their smaller size. They’re designed to help maximise on space without compromising on style. If you’re a fan of a more traditional look, why not choose to support your basin with a pedestal?

Baby sinks

The most diminutive of all the types of bathroom sink, baby sinks are ideal for the smallest of cloakrooms, providing a compact but still stylish option. You can also choose petite taps to suit the basin, like our Dawlish short nose basin taps.

Granley Basin

The iconic Granley basin and beautiful Hartlebury basin taps.

How to support your basin

Once you have chosen a basin, it’s time to decide what it will sit on – another fabulous opportunity to imbue your bathroom with your own style. Of course, your choice of basin affects your choice of support; certain types of bathroom sink work better with particular stands, so it’s important to make sure that you get the perfect pair.


Pedestal stands are probably the most popular choice of basin support. A little like a column or pillar, each pedestal is made from the same material as your basin, and they lend an attractive air of period style to your bathroom. They’re an ingenious option for disguising pipework, and creating smooth, unified lines. At Heritage, we include both Standard and Tall height options in our range of pedestal stands, so it’s easy to make sure the height of your basin works perfectly with your space – and with you.

Vanity Units

Vanity units are a great way to make a real feature of your sink, combining it with a stylish piece of furniture. Offering gorgeous yet functional storage, vanity units will hide pipework but also provide useful space for any bathroom essentials. Heritage has a stylishly practical range of vanity units in our Caversham furniture range, from freestanding versions – which work with Dorchester Square, Granley and Blenheim Basins – to fitted options which house the Medium Recessed basins from our Dorchester, Granley and Claverton suites.

Console legs

Console legs are decorative legs that are made to support a console sink and add a boutique feel to your bathroom. Pairing perfectly with the wide elegance of a console basin, this combination is a stylish statement option that is worth considering if you have a larger space.


Washstands are a classic, elegant option which can help open up a room and create a sense of greater space. The Abingdon washstands, available in chrome, vintage gold and rose gold, are a sleek option conveying a sense of style that is elegantly understated yet opulent.

Ornate brackets

Made for small or corner basins, ornate brackets support the basin you have chosen in a delightfully decorative way. these can be a clever stylistic choice when choosing a bathroom sink for a smaller bathroom or cloakroom. heritage offer a range of beautiful ornate brackets in chrome, vintage gold and rose gold, designed to make even a small sink an attractive feature in your bathroom.

Tips for choosing the perfect type of sink for your bathroom


It might seem obvious, but perhaps the most important consideration when you’re planning your new bathroom is the amount of space that you have to work with. Using our breakdown of the types of sink available, it’s easy to find a basin that is designed to work with the size and shape of your bathroom.


What kind of look do you want for your bathroom? To get a cohesive theme, it’s important to plan out a vision and decide on the kind of general look that you want to achieve. Note down some ideas of what you want, and if you’re looking for inspiration, why not take a look at our design inspiration page or get a copy of our trends brochure? One of our gorgeous ranges is sure to have the pieces you’ve been dreaming of!

Finishing touches

A sink just isn’t complete without a set of taps and a plug. Within the Heritage range, we not only offer a choice of sink styles; we also provide you with different tap hole and plug options, so that you can give your new basin the finishing touch that takes it to the next level.


Don’t forget the taps to match your basin! Heritage basins are available with a choice of tap holes (ranging from one to three) which means you can match them with either a mixer tap or pillar taps – whichever matches the style that you want for your new bathroom!

Choosing taps to match your bath:

Wastes (plugs)

Most of our taps include a waste, but if not – don’t worry! - we also sell them separately. It’s equally important to check if you need a bottle trap for your new sink, which is a stylish way of connecting the waste to the wall if the area below your basin is uncovered. If you’ve chosen a console basin, or a basin with a washstand, for example, a bottle trap might be something to think about.

To find out more about our beautiful, high-quality range of basins, download our brochure or find your nearest Heritage Bathrooms stockist today.