How hard is my water?


It’s a common question and you may have heard the phrases 'hard water area' and 'soft water area', but which type of water do you have?

Our useful water hardness UK map below will provide general information on the level of water hardness is in your area depending on where you live in Great Britain. Please note this map is for guidance only; to confirm the water hardness in your area in your area you can also visit the website for your local water authority.


What is hard water?

Water hardness in your area is caused by naturally occurring calcium and magnesium minerals which are dissolved in rain water as it passes through rocks.

Hard water is by no means a problem, but it can have some unwanted effects, especially on your taps and showers where the dissolved minerals in it can solidify on spouts or heads as the moisture evaporates. These solidified minerals can lead to an unsightly build-up of limescale, which can be difficult to remove.

Top tips for dealing with limescale


If you don’t want to use chemicals in your bathroom, lemon juice is a fantastic way of removing stubborn limescale. Simply soak cotton wool in this natural cleaning agent and apply to the affected areas – check back in an hour and with a little gentle rubbing you’ll find that the residue comes away easily.


Keep taps like these stylish Dawlish short nose basin taps sparkling clean with our tips on dealing with limescale.